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Tern HSD S11 Product Briefing

Tern HSD S11 Product Briefing

There is no day like new bike day, especially with the new Tern HSD S11 with the Bosch Performance Sport motor. The HSD S11 is our first Class 3 bike for Tern and is a special partnership with Bosch eBike Systems and their Performance Sport Motor. Cycling at 28 mph on all types of roads calls for increased vigilance along with extra care for your bike, and wear items. 

6 Things You Should Know to Get Started

What is a Class 3 e-Bike?

Your new e-bike is a 250 Watt, Class-3 pedal-assist electric bike (Pedelec). Pedelecs are e-bikes whose electric motors ONLY provide assistance when the bike is being pedaled. Motor assistance on a Class-3 Pedelec will cease as soon as you stop pedaling, or when the bicycle reaches a speed of 28 mph.

Be Ready to Ride

This immediate addition of power may pose a threat if you are not prepared to begin riding, or if you are still mounting the bike. To avoid a serious accident, make sure you are already on the bike and ready to ride before powering on the motor.

Before you begin riding your e-bike on the road, take the time to familiarize yourself with the operation of the bike and all the controller operations in an easy-to-navigate, safe place where there are no other vehicles or pedestrians.

With Power Comes Responsibility

Class-3 eBikes provide motor assistance up to 28 mph, which means you may be able to ride at faster speeds, and for longer periods, than you are normally used to.

A few tips to keep in mind for every time you ride:

  • The faster you ride, the longer it takes to safely stop. 
  • As your speed increases, so should your braking distance.
  • Be prepared to slow down sooner than usual when approaching turns.
  • Always wear a properly fitted helmet.
  • Avoid distractions when riding, and maintain your focus on the road in front of you.
  • Riding at speed means you will have less time to react to any sudden changes in your riding environment.

Don't be Afraid to Stand Out

Any cyclist is at risk when sharing the road, so it is important to dress and ride responsibly.

Dress to be seen. Wear bright colors and reflective gear. When you are riding, obey all traffic rules and provide clear signals to others sharing the road.

Pedestrians and vehicles in your riding vicinity may have difficulty judging how quickly you are riding, so always ride defensively.

Obey Local Laws

Laws governing Class-3 Pedelecs vary by state and municipality, it is the responsibility of rider’s responsibility to know and obey all local regulations. 

Before riding, make sure you understand all your local laws, including (but not limited to) age requirements for riders; license and insurance requirements; speed regulations; helmet requirements, and restrictions concerning where Class-3 Pedelecs may operate.

Remember, laws and regulations are changing all the time. So you may want to keep tabs on them. You may even want to become more involved in the development of local laws that govern your riding.

You can visit for the most up to date information on local and state ebike laws.

Maintain Your Bike

When riding a Class 3 e-Bike at higher speeds you may experience faster wear on items like brake pads, drivetrain, and tires. Maintaining your bike is critical to safety and longevity of your beautiful new HSD. 

Wrapping It Up

Congratulations on your new e-bike, and thank you for choosing Tern. We are sure you will love your new HSD S11 as much as we do.